Sofi Lundin is among Scandinavia’s best photo journalists covering Africa. We have had the pleasure of cooperating with her for some years. Throughout this period she has always delivered high quality text and photo whatever topic she has dealt with.

Gunnar Zachrisen
Editor, Bistandsaktuelt (Norad).

I hired Sofi to be a fixer while we were in Uganda to film a TV-documentary to Danish national television. Sofi did a perfect job to find cases for us and she visited them for us and made very usefull description so we where able to choose the right people to be in our program. Sofi is very sweet and helpfull and she will do anything to help you. She has a great network in Uganda and she is able to get everything done according to western standard. I will never doubt to hire Sofi again.

Caroline Lotz
Radiovært på LIGA på P3. Journalist DR Sporten (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)

As a Project Manager for Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, I have been working with Sofi on a communications project on vanilla production in Uganda during Covid-19. I was unable to go to Uganda and coordinate the project, which made me a bit nervous. However, this was completely unnecessary! My collaboration with Sofi has far exceeded my hope. Sofi has been an excellent cooperation partner.She was very easy to work with, flexible, dedicated and she fully understood our thoughts and dreams! The very best is though the final product – the three videos she produced for us. They are brilliant! The composition, the photos, and the editing – everything is in extremely high quality. We have only received positive comments on the project she created for us. No doubts, I will use Sofi again next time I need a video journalist in Africa.

Nina Storgaard Albertsen
Project Manager at DIEH – Danish Ethical Trading Initiative.

“An excellent storyteller”
For five years Sofi delivered high quality photo and written material to our foreign affair magazine Perspective. She reported for us from all over the world.  Her professional work is enhanced by her reflection, research and intellectual capacity. I have seen her cover many difficult human rights issues related to refugee crises and migration. She is creative and independent and she always deliveres in time. I have found her to be an excellent team worker and able to build upon others’ ideas. She has an excellent command of spoken and written English. In short: She is an excellent storyteller. 

Roald Høvring

Communications Advisor and former editor of Perspective Magazine,
Norwegian Refugee Council. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Sofi Lundin through printing of several of her works from the African continent. Her stories, both text and pictures convey important knowledge, and are strong, important contributions to a part of journalistic field that too often floats under the radar for many news outlets. Thanks to Sofi Lundins insisting pitches of her high quality work, I have been able to take part in this important coverage, too often forgotten or given less priority. Lundins stunning photography supplements her solid writing so that everything in each story is fine-tuned and complete, always with integrity and in a respectful manner towards the people portrayed.

Tine Skarland
Editor, Aftenposten Innsikt

I have worked with Sofi Lundin on several assignments in conflict areas in Africa. My experiences have so far been very good. She is confident and calm in difficult situations and communicates well with people we meet. Since she lives in Africa, she has a good insight into and knowledge about the areas and conflicts we have covered. Even when the conditions have been problematic, she has taken good images. Sofi delivers what has been ordered, and more. And she delivers within the timeframes agreed on beforehand.

Elin Toft
Editor, Save the Children´s Magazine (Norway)


Sofi Lundin is an ambitious and multi-skilled journalist who has published several high quality pieces for Fria Tidningen. She is both an excellent photographer and a compelling writer who goes to great lengths to capture unique and moving stories. Sofi has always kept her deadline and the material she delivers is ready to publish. I can highly recommend working with her!

Martin Holmquist
Editor, Fria Tidningen 

Sofi Lundin har jobbet for oss i Redningsselskapet over flere år. Hun er den perfekte medarbeider fordi hun leverer alltid i tide. Ingen utfordring er for stor eller liten.  Sofi har sterk integritet og vet hva hun vil når oppdraget skal løses. Derfor blir det også bra. Hun får respekt hos den tøffeste av de tøffe, men klarer samtidig å lokke det myke ut av de som egentlig ikke vil.

Som organisasjon med ansatte som representerer et tverrsnitt av befolkningen, må du kunne takle og ikke minst snakke godt med mange sterke personligheter. Det fikser Sofi supert!

Som journalist er hun det jeg vil kalle ”helt komplett” fordi hun leverer inn mot alle mediale flater. Hun gjør både stillbilder og video med samme gode kvalitet. Hun er samtidig en meget god observatør, noe som gjenspeiler seg i tekstene hennes. De er strålende lesning!

Frode Pedersen
Kommunikasjonssjef, Redningsselskapet

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