You lost weight?

On facebook this morning I saw that my friend had changed his facebook pic and I really liked it. What scared me was the fact that the first thing I thought about when seeing the picture was whether he had lost weight or not. The moment after, I started laughing (but felt like crying at the same time), thinking to my self  “lord pray I´m not becoming one of them”.

It is really interesting to sit alone in a café. You observe a lot and if you have big ears (like me) you will hear a lot of fun and surprising stuff. One such thing is that here in Mumbai when people meet each other, the first thing they say is something related to the other persons looks. By looks I mean weight. The natural thing (for me) to say after meeting my friend after long time would be something like ”Hiiii, its sooo nice to see you!” Over here it works a little differently. I will give you a small look into the situation I faced today.

Zara and Meena are meeting in a café. They have not seen each other in a long time. 

Here we go!

Zara to Meena: Oooooo you lost weight!?

Meena: Noooooo, what are you saying Zara!!

The expression on people’s face is the most interesting part here. They change drastically depending on the comment. If we are talking about weight loss (as in this case), the person who asks will put a huge grin on her face and look from down to up, as if she really is trying to identify the exact spot where the weight loss has taken place.

(I am talking “with a female voice here” since this is most common among woman;)

Meena to Zara: Oh, yeeees you have! Turn around, let me see!

By now Zara starts to look convinced, and pulls in her tummy, trying to look even thinner. Meena’s expression is once again confirming the same. Nobody knows if we are talking about 550 g. or 5 kg. here. Woman’s abilities to observe has reached new heights it seems!   

What I find extremely interesting is that this happens all the time. I have tried to analyse why, but not really found any answers.  All suggestions are welcome! 

The story had a happy ending after all. Zara seamed satisfied with her observation, and Meena with her “weight loss”. Now there was nothing in the way for a yummy chocolate cake!

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