Children’s day in India

14th of November is the day which has been dedicated to the children of India. On this day in 1889 one of the country’s most famous personalities was born. His name was Jawahar Lal Nehru. When Nehru returned from his studies in England he decided to dedicate his life to politics and he wanted to give the poor and downtrodden a voice. He took part in the freedom struggle in India and became a follower of Gandhi. When India got independent he became the country’s first Prime Minister. His love for children has made the whole country celebrate children on this very day. Children always used to call him Chacha Nehru – Uncle Nehru. 

On this day I want to share some special moments which I have experienced with the children of India

Children are playing in the afternoon sun in Raigad – Maharashtra

Mother and child. Raigad – Maharashtra

After school the children gather in the village. After a long day in school they are all up for some fun before the evening meal is ready.

Newborn baby girl in a small clinic outside of Pune.

 The children in 2nd standard were performing in front of the class. Raigad – Maharashtra

Boy outside his home in Pune

Forever friends. Pune – Maharashtra

Essay writing in a school in Raigad – Maharasthra

On the way home from school there is always time for some sharing of secrets. Pune – Maharashtra

The children are teaching me their dance and I am enjoying every moment of it (despite they were laughing at me).

Every morning starts with the national anthem and  gymnastics. These children from a small village in southwest India are totally enjoying the time before teaching starts and the long day begins.

Who would say no for a free ride after a long day in school? Raigad – Maharashtra

Hocky is the national sport in India, but no sport is as loved as cricket. Cricket is a part of life for young and old all over the country.

What’s going on? 

The villagers focus on taking care of the environment. They want to save the environment for the future generations.

Curious children are watching the teacher showing experiments in class. Raigad – Maharashtra

Grandmother with her little girl. In the villages it is common with extended families. When mom and dad go for work it is usually the grandparents who take care of the children. 

Children are enjoying a performance during a festival in Raigad – Maharashtra

2nd October is the birthday of  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). Children from all over the country gather to celebrate and honor

“The Father of the nation”

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