Glimpses from the untouched beaches of Goa

Goa is mostly famous for its old hippie culture, crowded flee markets and never ending full moon parties. But there are still some options left for the traveller who wish to enjoy the beauty of this state on a silent beach. During my trip to Goa recently I discovered some beaches which are still almost untouched by tourists. Once should go when there are still places like this left. Very soon Morjim beach in the north and Arossim in south will be just as crowded as all the others.

Sunset at Arossim beach

Arossim beach

At this seaside restaurant at Arossim beach you can enjoy fresh seafood along with a collection of selected wines.

6.30 pm at Arossim. The sunset happened so suddenly. 15 minutes after this snap was clicked it was completely dark

Morning walk at Morjim beach. The beach is famous for the many sea turtles. Every year they come in the month of November to lay their eggs in the sand. But due to the climate change and the tsunami the animals are not to be seen before the month of December. The beach is quite short (around 3 kilometers) but the sand is fine and if you wish to be away from the crowd of backpackers. This is the place to be. 

Time for a nap. Morjim beach

Fishermen bringing in the days catch at Morjim

The days catch is not very big, but this one was pretty impressive. At least the photographer seem to think so;) 

View from Morjim beach

Christianity is India’s third largest religion with approximately 24 million followers. Portuguese missionaries reached the Malabar coast in the late 15th century. Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for almost 500 years. 

Morjim beach

The churches are symbols of Goa’s rich history 

The gorgeous Park Hyatt at Arossim beach

This is the place to be

Memories of summer

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